MULTI-site organic-inorganic HYbrid CATalysts for MULTI-step chemical process


This Research & Development project is funded by EU in the Horizon 2020 programme and coordinated by the University of Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro”.


Main objectives

Development of new catalysts in application fields of pharmaceutical and intermediate chemistry applications

Features of new developed catalysts:

  • Consists of a new class of hierarchically-porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials
  • First time solvation of limitation of current organo-siliceous solids
  • Multistep asymmetric reactions catalysis
  • Predominantly high conversion rates (>90%) and high selectivity (>80%)

Development steps for each catalyst:

  • Design; Proof of concept (2g of catalyst); Upscale; Industrial Validation
  • Final step in project: pre-pilot reactor for catalyst production (20-50g of catalyst)


Direct benefits

improve flexibility and versatility of obtained catalysts
cost reduction of obtained catalysts


Indirect benefits

Innovation and Advance of Knowledge
Global markets & competitiveness
Environment and resource efficiency

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At the end of April 2019 we have published or 12th Scientific Paper entitled “Integrated theoretical and empirical studies for probing substrate‐framework interactions in hierarchical catalysts”. See all your Publications and Public Reports in our Public Documents section.
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Meet Candela Segarra and Andrea Erigoni from the Instituto de Tecnología Química at the 6th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials (HYMA 2019). Candela will present a poster entitled: “Highly active mesoporous silica-supported base catalysts for C-C bond formation”. Andrea will present a poster entitled: „Hybrid acid catalysts: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization”. The conference…
Upcoming Events

12 August 2019 - 13 August 2019, Auckland (New Zealand)

The 7th Asia Pacific Congress on Chemical and Biochemical Engineering will take place in Auckland (New Zealand) from 12th to 13th August 2019. The conference provides a platform for researcher scholars, scientists and academic people to share and globalize their research work while the participants from industry/business sectors can promote their products thus felicitating dissemination…

18 August 2019 - 23 August 2019, Aachen (Germany)

The EuropaCat is A joint event of the catalysis communities from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium which will take place in Aachen (Germany) from 18th to 23rd August 2019. The conference will provide the perfect opportunity to discuss scientific progress and to explore novel technologies under the motto “Catalysis without Borders”. More info available here.…
The first conference in the field of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering “International Conference on Catalysis, Advanced Chemical Engineering and Technology (ICCA 2019)’’ organized by the Aurora Group will take place in Valencia (Spain) from 5th to 7th September 2019. ICCA 2019 is a three-day conference during which academicians, scholars, investigators, Chemical Engineering Researchers, industrialists and…

15 September 2019 - 19 September 2019, Florence (Italy)

The 12th European Congress of Chemical Engineering will take place in Florence (Italy) from 15th to 19th September 2019. The Scientific Program will bring innovative solutions to respond to major societal challenges in all topical areas of modern Chemical and Biochemical Engineering to address Solutions to Global Challenges. Click here to know more.

22 September 2019 - 25 September 2019, Tarragona (Spain)

The 4th EuCheMS Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry will be held in Tarragona (Spain) from 22nd to 25th September 2019 and it will offer opportunities to discuss the latest developments in green & sustainable chemistry, creation of new partnerships and amplifying existing networks between academia and industry. Among other aspects, the conference will focus…
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