MULTI-site organic-inorganic HYbrid CATalysts for MULTI-step chemical process


This Research & Development project is funded by EU in the Horizon 2020 programme and coordinated by the University of Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro”.

Main objectives

Development of new catalysts in application fields of pharmaceutical and intermediate chemistry applications

These new developed catalysts:

Will catalyse multistep asymmetric reactions
Will have predominantly high conversion (>90%) and high selectivity (>80%)
Will consist of a new class of hierarchically-porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials
Will solve for the first time limitation of current organo-siliceous solids

Development steps for each catalyst:

Proof of concept (2g of catalyst)
Industrial Validation

Final step:

pre-pilot reactor for catalyst production (20-50g of catalyst)


Direct benefits

improve flexibility and versatility of obtained catalysts
cost reduction of obtained catalysts


Indirect benefits

Innovation and Advance of Knowledge
Global markets & competitiveness
Environment and resource efficiency

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