MULTI-site organic-inorganic HYbrid CATalysts for MULTI-step chemical process

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Scientific Publications

A smart use of biomass derivatives to template an ad hoc hierarchical SAPO-5 acid catalyst

Francesco Mariatti, Ivana Miletto, Geo Paul, Leonardo Marchese, Silvia Tabasso, Maela Manzoli, Giancarlo Cravotto, Enrica Gianotti

RSC Advances, 2020, DOI:

Probing the Design Rationale of a High‐Performing Faujasitic Zeotype Engineered to have Hierarchical Porosity and Moderated Acidity

Dr. S. Chapman, Dr. M. Carravetta, Dr. I. Miletto, Dr. C. M. Doherty, H. Dixon, Dr. J. D. Taylor, Prof. E. Gianotti, Prof. J. Yu, Prof. R. Raja

Angewandte Chemie, 2020, DOI:

The significance of metal coordination in imidazole‐functionalized metal organic frameworks for carbon dioxide utilization

William Webb,  Matthew Potter,  Daniel Stewart,  Stuart Elliott,  Pier Sazio,  Zhongxing Zhang,  He-Kuan Luo,  Jinghua Teng,  Liling Zhang,  Chiara Ivaldi,  Ivana Miletto,  Enrica Gianotti,  Robert Raja

Chemistry – A European Journal, 2020, DOI:

MOFs based on 1D structural sub-domains with Brønsted acid and redox active sites as effective bi-functional catalysts

José María Moreno,  Alexandra Velty  and  Urbano Díaz

Catalysis Science & Technology, 2020, 10, 3572-3585, DOI:

Acid properties of organosiliceous hybrid materials based on pendant (fluoro)aryl-sulfonic groups through a spectroscopic study with probe molecules

Andrea Erigoni, Geo Paul, Marta Meazza, María Consuelo Hernández-Soto, Ivana Miletto, Ramon Rios, Candela Segarra, Leonardo Marchese, Robert Raja, Fernando Rey, Enrica Gianotti and Urbano Díaz

Catal. Sci. Technol., 2019, 9, 6308-6317, DOI:

Expandable Layered Hybrid Materials Based on Individual 1D Metalorganic Nanoribbons.

Jose Maria Moreno, Alexandra Velty, Urbano Díaz

Materials, 2019, 12 (12), 1953, 1996-1944, DOI:

Integrated theoretical and empirical studies for probing substrate‐framework interactions in hierarchical catalysts

Stephanie Chapman, Alexander J. O’Malley, Ivana Miletto, Marina Carravetta, Paul Cox, Enrica Gianotti, Leonardo Marchese, Stewart F. Parker, Robert Raja

Chemistry – A European Journal, 2019, 25 (42), 9938-9947, DOI:

Influence of Silicodactyly in the Preparation of Hybrid Materials

Chiara Ivaldi, Ivana Miletto, Geo Paul, Giovanni B. Giovenzana, Alberto Fraccarollo, Maurizio Cossi, Leonardo Marchese, Enrica Gianotti

Molecules, 2019, 10(7), 24(5), 848-862, DOI:

Synthesis of 2D and 3D MOFs with tuneable Lewis acidity from preformed 1D hybrid sub-domains

José María Moreno, Alexandra Velty, Urbano Díaz, Avelino Corma

Chemical Science, 2019, 10(7), 2053-2066, DOI:

In Situ FT-IR Characterization of CuZnZr/Ferrierite Hybrid Catalysts for One-Pot CO2-to-DME Conversion

Ivana Miletto, Enrico Catizzone, Giuseppe Bonura, Chiara Ivaldi, Massimo Migliori, Enrica Gianotti, Leonardo Marchese, Francesco Frusteri, Girolamo Giordano

Materials, 2018, 11(11), 2275, DOI:

Elucidation of the Interaction Mechanism between Organic Chiral Cages with Biomolecules through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Theoretical Studies

Sara Sáez-Ferre, Mercedes Boronat, Ángel Cantín, Fernando Rey, and Pascual Oña-Burgos

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2018, 122(29), 16821–16829, DOI:

Chiral hybrid materials based on pyrrolidine building units to perform asymmetric Michael additions with high stereocontrol

Sebastián Llopis, Teresa García, Ángel Cantín, Alexandra Velty, Urbano Díaz, Avelino Corma

Catalysis Science & Technology, 2018, 8, 5835-5847, DOI:

Combined solid-state NMR, FT-IR and computational studies on layered and porous materials

Geo Paul, Chiara Bisio, Ilaria Braschi, Maurizio Cossi, Giorgio Gatti, Enrica Gianotti, Leonardo Marchese

Chemical Society Reviews, 2018, 47, 5684-5739, DOI:

Hierarchical SAPO34 Architectures with Tailored Acid Sites using Sustainable Sugar Templates

Ivana Miletto, Chiara Ivaldi, Geo Paul, Stephanie Chapman, Leonardo Marchese, Robert Raja, Enrica Gianotti

Chemistry Open, 2018, 7(4), 297-301, DOI:

Ab Initio Design of Low Band Gap 2D Tin Organohalide Perovskites

Alberto Fraccarollo, Leonardo Marchese, Maurizio Cossi

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2018, 122(7), 3677–3689, DOI:

Mesoporous silica nanoparticles incorporating squaraine-based photosensitizers: a combined experimental and computational approach

Ivana Miletto, Alberto Fraccarollo, Nadia Barbero, Claudia Barolo, Maurizio Cossi, Leonardo Marchese, Enrica Gianotti

Dalton Transactions, 2018, 47, 3038-3046, DOI:

First principles study of 2D layered organohalide tin perovskites

Alberto Fraccarollo, Lorenzo Canti, Leonardo Marchese, Maurizio Cossi

The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2017, 146, 234703, DOI:

Mesoporous silica scaffolds as precursor to drive the formation of hierarchical SAPO-34 with tunable acid properties

Ivana Miletto, Geo Paul, Stephanie Chapman, Giorgio Gatti, Leonardo Marchese, Robert Raja, Enrica Gianotti

Chemistry – A European Journal, 2017, 23(41), 9952-9961, DOI:

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