MULTI-site organic-inorganic HYbrid CATalysts for MULTI-step chemical process


The main objective of MULTI2HYCAT is to design, obtain proof of concept (2 gr.), upscale and obtain industrial validation in a pre-pilot reactor (20-50 gr.) of a new class of hierarchically-porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials, which will be used as active catalysts to carry out multi-step asymmetric catalytic processes with predominantly high conversions (up to 90%) and selectivity (in the range of 80- 90%) towards the desired final products.

The project promises to solve, for the first time, the limits of current organosiliceous solids, while at the same time improving the flexibility and versatility and reducing costs of the obtained catalysts, making them attractive for a wide range of industrial applications.

The project will promote the generation of excellence in scientific knowledge from fundamental and basic methodologies and approaches, which will enable the preparation and validation of a new class of hybrid catalysts promising high technological and economic impacts in the short and medium term in various industrial processes and applications:

  1. Demonstration of the outstanding performances of the new hybrid materials through the implementation of the achieved advances at (pre)industrial scale
  2. Exploitation of new methodologies for the preparation of hybrid organic-inorganic materials
  3. Development of new approaches and methodologies through the preparation of novel hierarchical porous materials with different active centres perfectly located and placed in specific structural positions into their framework
  4. Addressing the main challenges posed by European Directives, related to the effective development of more efficient (energy) and sustainable (environmental) chemical processes (catalysis).